Our van is equipped with the most modern machinery and equipment which enables us to give our customers 100% effectiveness for the job. We have key cutting machinery on board which include a laser key and normal key cutting machine. It enables us to cut keys for 99.9% of all vehicles on the side of the road, without the hassle of getting recovered to a main dealer. We also have all the effective parts and tools on board. This means that our customers have a wide range of services available to them on the roadside without having the added cost of getting recovered to a main dealer or a local garage.

Lost Keys

Vehicles include Ford, Vauxhall, VW, Audi, Fiat, Rover, Renault, Volvo and many more. We also cover most Motorcycles and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Transponder Keys

If you have only snapped a key and you still have the head of the key, then we can clone the chip onto out machine and copy that onto a blank key. We can do this so you don’t have to go to the main dealer and have the hassle and cost of having a new lock set and keys reprogrammed on. WE MUST HENCE THAT NOT ALL KEYS CAN BE COPIED/CLONED If we could not copy/clone your chip we would cut you a mechanical key. This would enable entry into the car, and you could be recovered to a main dealer. They would have all the cuts to the key and then be able to re-programme you a key.

Lock Outs

We define a Lock Out as if you have locked your keys in your car. We can gain entry into 99.9% of all cars one way or another. The most common ways are to air wedge the door open slightly, which will then enable us to use our bar to lever the door handle or knob open or to undo a window.

Recondition Locks

We can recondition 99.9% of all locks on the roadside. This will only need to be done if, when we cut you a new key, or if the key you already have, does not work the locks properly. The cause of this would be the wafers inside the lock either not being aligned to the original position or they are sticking. The wafers are the moving parts that make the lock open and close. We would then replace the wafers that are causing the problem.

Recode Locks

If you are unfortunate enough to have your keys stolen, we can recode your locks to a different key. We can also recode your ignition to the same key.

You may be wondering what we mean by recoding the locks, we will explain this sin the simplest of terms. In each lock you have either pins or wafers, which are numbered between 1 and 4. In a Vauxhall Cavalier the code would be 1223442113, as you can see there are 10 individual wafers. We could remove these wafers and change the order of the numbers round to i.e. 1344211322. This would mean that your old key would not match to the new code and therefore will not work the locks. We would then cut you a new key to match the recoded locks.


When we attend a customer’s vehicle where they have lost their keys and also have a separate immobiliser fitted, we can take it out and disarm it. This is so that the customer can get can have their vehicle mobile. This is a temporary measure as you would need to get a new fob to be able to arm and disarm the immobiliser.

Key Codes

When you buy a new vehicle you are given a key code. This is usually found on a sticker in the glove box or with the vehicles owner manual. If you needed a key cutting and you have your key code, we can either come out and cut you a new key or telephone us with the vehicles details and the code, we would then send the key in the post.


We can cut keys to motorbikes if you have lost the key. Please note we are not able to cut keys to all models, so please call up to see if we are able to do yours.