Mileage Correction

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Mileage Correction

Mileage Correction for your Vehicle

Is your car displaying the wrong value?

We will have your dashboard accurate again

Have you recently jump-started your car because of a battery failure? Has there been an electrical fault on your dashboard? Have you been the victim of vandalisation or have you been in an accident where your dashboard has taken damage?

All of these scenarios could lead to needing mileage correction. The display on your dashboard can become inaccurate or corrupted leaving you needing to resolve it. Unlike manual displays, digital dashboards require professional assistance and our mileage correctors are on hand to help you.

Is Mileage Correction Legal?

The resounding answer to that question is "YES". Mileage correction only becomes illegal when you sell your car without telling the buyer the true mileage count.

Our mileage correctors can only assist you when your odometer has been corrupted or damaged, and it is your responsibility to inform interested parties about the mileage.

If you are looking for help resetting service lights, we will also be able to lend a hand. Whatever type of vehicle you have, from BMWs to Porsche, Mercedes, Minis and more, you can depend on us to resolve your issue.

We offer our services throughout: Hampshire, Surrey, London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and more.

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